I have an USB DVB-C card (Reddo dvb-c, actually a relabelled Tongshi box), which works very well with the current Linux driver excluding channels with QAM-256 modulation. Would it be easy to check FE_CAN_QAM_256 in vdr before trying to use a device to tune to a particular channel? In such a case I could deactivate FE_CAN_QAM_256 in the drivers. I am using VDR 1.7.9, if it makes a difference.

Of course at the moment the proper solution would be to modify the channels.conf to se a preselected card to tune to a particular channel, but in this case there are two drawbacks with it. 1) I have more than one card that I can use for QAM-256 channels and would like to use them all, and 2) channels woth QAM-256 are also encrypted and I have yet to figure out how to set both the CA code and the number of the card in the "Conditional access" parameter in the channels.conf.

Actually now that I think of it... How about separating the explicit card selection and conditional access by introducing a new paremeter in the channels.conf that could be used to preselect the card(s) that can tune to the selected channel?


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