> > wrong modulation - should be everytime S1 and O35 or O25
> The channels.conf was as vdr generated it, but I tried different 
> modifications, so maybe that time I changed the modulation, but it didn't 
> helped.
> > read please man vdr about this parameters
> Believe me, I read it very often, and I had read about channels.conf 
> parameters not in the vdr manual but on the german wiki.
> > please try to use roll-off factor = 0,35 (as here - O35)
> I tried.
> >
> I also installed vdr-reelchannelscan plugin, it generated a new 
> channels.conf, but my image remanined broken, and log was full with TS 
> continuity error.
> One thing: I was wrong about that single FTA radio channel from Hello HD 
> packet: it's also not working, I can hear only some glitches if I tune to..

what about of LOCK - do you have permanent stable LOCK ?
have you any figures concerning of SNR BER ?


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