Am 12.11.2009 22:05, schrieb Senufo:

> I just found an error when I use the keys 4 or 7 for me to move in the
> mpeg2 stream (vdr-17.9 with vdr-xine 0.9.3).
> Clear(1785)!
> StillPicture: 0x191da2a0, 0
> FIXME: xineDevice.c:1321
> FIXME: xineDevice.c:2075
> Clear(1786)!
> StillPicture: 0x19179110, 0
> FIXME: xineDevice.c:1321
> FIXME: xineDevice.c:2075

There is still a bug in VDR-1.7.9's I-frame detector which is
used to generate the index file. The index position is off by one
TS packet so that the first TS packet of the I-frame is missing
when VDR sends the still picture data to vdr-xine. Hence, the
image cannot be decoded, so you won't see a change on screen.

The bug is going to be fixed -- see [vdr] FF/RW problems with xine.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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