Luca Olivetti wrote:
If the only planned source is a pc (running vdr and, say, xmbc), would it make sense to bypass the av receiver completely and just decode the audio on the pc connected to the speakers? Or it doesn't make sense (since you'll need an amplifier for each channel anyway, so you could just as well buy an av receiver)?
Good point! I suppose the benefit of going for AVR is better speakers management: levels, delays, response correction and subwooofer crossover filters. The effects are actually usable. I'm using stereo and surround modes from Onkyo AVR. I've been also quite happy with Audussey setup. A pure PC plus amplifiers (class-D modules) could be superior to AVR in those tasks but I'm not aware of such developments for e.g. ALSA user space or PulseAudio.

Just asking, since with wife, kids, and neighbours, I'll probably have to convince myself that the tv speakers are good enough ;-)
The center channel is really good for any TV watching. But my wife is not happy without a properly programmed universal remote. A "watch VDR" macro does all the powering and routing.


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