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1) RAM is cheap now days. Can I use RAM to keep buffer data?
(System running from USB stick so only reason to start Hard Disk is when i
use recordings)

2) Patch only record current channel. It would be nice if i can select
channels from lists where buffers are active.
Example. i change channel and noticing that program what i want to look is
already running so i simply press "jump backward" button and start to look
program from beginning.
(2GB can keep about 100 minutes in buffers. If i select 5 different channels
that i got 20mins buffer in every channel)

There was some talk a while back about implementing a live tv buffer
into VDR.  Many users don't like the idea of their harddrive recording
24/7 so it was mentioned to be able to buffer to ram just as you're
asking about.  I personally do NOT want to buffer to harddrive,
especially non-stop.  However, I'm all for buffering to RAM since it
_is_ very cheap these days for 2-4GB.  I don't know how much of a
priority this is to Klaus but I'd recommend searching the mailing list
for that thread because he did participate in the discussion.

I agree, if the buffer was a configurable FIFO file (location and size), then the user could choose if the location was on a hard disk or a RAM disk.
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