Tommi Lundell wrote:

1) RAM is cheap now days. Can I use RAM to keep buffer data?
(System running from USB stick so only reason to start Hard Disk is when i use recordings)

2) Patch only record current channel. It would be nice if i can select channels from lists where buffers are active. Example. i change channel and noticing that program what i want to look is already running so i simply press "jump backward" button and start to look program from beginning. (2GB can keep about 100 minutes in buffers. If i select 5 different channels that i got 20mins buffer in every channel)

I reply to myself. (Sometimes it would be nice to test it before ask "not so smart" questions)
It's look that point 1) is pretty easy to do.
Simply select use RAM from setup->permanent timeshift menu :P
or other way is use tmpfs to "emulate" Hard Disk:
# mount -t tmpfs none /var/ramdisk -o size=2G
and run vdr with switch "--buffer=/var/ramdisk"

But point 2) is more complicated and my skills don't go even close what implementation needs.
Is that even possible to implement directly into VDR or with patches?

Regards: Tommi

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