On 18.11.2009 08:40, Falk Spitzberg wrote:
> Hello,
> With VDR 1.7.9 i often notice that VDR switches the live TV to a
> different receiver card, when a timer starts recording, although the
> second card is available. This causes a short interrupt in live TV.
> My system has two DVB cards, an old FF and a Tevii S470, and an eHD.
> Sample situation 1: the only activity is live TV on ZDF. Now a timer
> starts recording from RTL 2, which interrupts the live program for a
> short moment.
> Sample situation 2: the only activity is live TV on RTL. Now a timer
> starts recording from RTL 2. Nothing happens, because VDR correctly
> shares the transponder with live TV.
> I would understand when VDR switches live TV from the DVB-S2 card to the
> DVB-S card when it needs to tune a different transponder for a DVB-S2
> recording, but since it can do DVB-S recordings from any card, there is
> no reason to switch live TV for such recordings.

When recording, VDR tries to preserve devices that provide multiple
delivery systems:

  imp <<= 2; imp |= GetClippedNumProvidedSystems(2, device[i]) - 1; // avoid 
cards which support multiple delivery systems

See device.c, cDevice *cDevice::GetDevice(const cChannel *Channel, int 
Priority, bool LiveView).


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