Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
On 07.11.2009 02:07, HighlyCaffeinated wrote:
I've got an unusual situation with my VDR installation that has me
completely stumped.
My /video0 directory is located on a 1TB ext2 filesystem. When I perform
an 'ls-al' I get an
incomplete list of the directories located there. If I open that
filesystem on a Windows box via Samba, I see
that two recent directories have been created that the 'ls' does not
show me. The directories are named
COO66K~7 <mailto:vdr@linuxtv.org>(a CSI recording) and N3OZM1~R (an NCIS
recording) in Windows. I can drill
down into either directory and find the expected filesystem structure
and two recordings that we
had thought had failed. They are only visible through Windows/Samba. I
can copy the contents
of the directory to a Windows box and then copy them back to VDR (with a
new folder name)
and they play normally. As Debian refuses to acknowledge their
existence, I cannot rename or
delete the directories and I cannot copy data from the subdirectories. I
have tried masking the
tilde in the filenames, and that didn't change anything as I suspect the
filenames are instead REALLY long.
I am running vdr 1.7.7 with ATSC tuners and the ATSCepg plugin, and the
system regularly
creates successful recordings.
Anyone with a pointer on how to deal with this and what may be causing
such an odd
set of circumstances? e2fsck didn't find anything it considered to be
That is "normal" situation on a samba share that has (windows) "illegal" characters in it's name. eg: "CSI: Next Session" is illegal because of the ":" and will be translated to something like you have seen on the windows box.


Can you check the syslog file to see what names VDR used to create
the recording directories?


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