>>On 23.11.2009 17:38, HighlyCaffeinated wrote:
>>>> what does this return ?
>>>> find /video0
>> Enough output that I instead chose to `find /video0 > found` 
>> to more easily look through it. Careful inspection reveals 
> those directories are not shown and find produces no errors 
> in the process. 
>This sounds very odd.
>Have you run an fsck on that disk, yet?

I have. e2fsck ran against the (unmounted) volume and found no errors.
I've never experienced something like this before and to be honest would
not believe it if I hadn't seen it. I have successfully copied the 
sub-directories and data across the network using Windows/Samba, then copied 
it back to a new folder name. Both played perfectly. I just can't get rid 
of the original directories.

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