>>>Stuart Morris<stuart_mor...@talk21.com> schrieb am 11/24/2009 um 10:30:
> Thankyou
> The patched yaepghd now silently adds a timer (or deletes one if it already 
> exists) for the selected event.

Maybe I should have mentioned that you have to add a new eventInfo area to the 
theme file in order to see the status of the events just like in vanilla vdr 
schedule menu ( [* t T V] currently running, timer offset, timer , and VPS)

eventInfoFont="Accidental Presidency;20" 
# same as eventDate and eventTime 

x1,y1 are the coordinates and w, h the width, resp. height of the eventInfo 
area. So you have to find a free place depending on your theme file. By the 
way, you can edit the yaepghd theme file while vdr is running. When you close 
yaepghd and reopen it, the theme file is also reloaded.

> The help bar is behaving strangely. I had no rgyb ellipses. Even when I 
> re‑implemented the ellipses in the code some were coloured some were not and 
> some would be coloured depending on what event was selected.
>  Are you using a 
> different theme to the one included with Yaepghd? If I edited the background 
> png were the help bar is making it black I could see the coloured ellipses.

A part of this patch is originally from my yaepgsd (downgraded for 80 kb FF osd 
memory). This is why I  commented the ellipses out, as they would all have the 
same color anyway. In my sd theme I don't even have a helpbar. Therefore I 
can't say anything about this strange behavior.

> Stuart
> ‑‑‑ On Sat, 21/11/09, JW <solevit...@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> From: JW <solevit...@googlemail.com>
>> Subject: Re: [vdr] Yaepghd record dialog
>> To: "VDR Mailing List" <vdr@linuxtv.org>
>> Date: Saturday, 21 November, 2009, 16:09
>> I'm not the developer of the yaepghd
>> plugin, but I had a deeper look at
>> the source code. Many things of the record dialog have
>> already been
>> implemented, but the record dialog isn't called anywhere in
>> the source
>> code. So I think this done intentionally. I implemented a
>> small patch,
>> that adds the possibility to set timer with the red button
>> without any 
>> record dialog. The patch attached contains also some other
>> minor
>> improvements from other authors. If you have questions
>> concerning the
>> patch, you can ask at vdr‑portal.de
>> http://www.vdr‑portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=83864&threadview=0&page=3 
>> (even it's a German forum, you will get answers in English
>> ;) ).
>> > I have been trying out the yaepghd plugin. It looks
>> very impressive
>> > but the record dialog appears to be disabled. Does
>> anyone know if this 
>> > has been intentionally disabled or is only partially
>> implemented?
>> > 
>> > There has been no development activity on this plugin
>> for about
>> > 9 months now.
>> > 
>> > 
>> > 
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