Am Mittwoch, den 25.11.2009, 08:48 +0100 schrieb Matthias Fechner:
> Hi,
> I have now replaced my primary video with a nice Atom board and inserted 
> there a Tevii S470 card.
> Output is via HDMI and the xineliboutput plugin.
> It is working really great, thanks a lot for the really fantastic software!
> But I have now a big problem.
> I upgraded now from vdr 1.7.2 to 1.7.10.
> If I record now a normal PAL movie I cannot replay it with my FF card on 
> my old TV.
> Sound is stuck and picture as well. I had a similar problem with vdr 
> 1.7.9 and went then back to 1.7.2 which solved the problem. But now I 
> cannot switch back to an older version because xine will not work then 
> without patching a ot of stuff.
> Is there a know issue with vdr newer 1.7.2 and replay on a FF 
> (TechnoTrend Rev 1.3) card?

You need a new driver/firmware for your FF card to support TS playback.
The latest v4l drivers include the correct version. I have the same card
and it works just fine with VDR 1.7.9.

> Bye,
> Matthias

Falk Spitzberg
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