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> Anyway, I've bought 3x 1.5 TB SATA disks which I'd like to put into a
> software (mdadm) raid 5 array.


> But does anyone have any production VDR experience with mdadm - good or bad?

If you like good performance and simple recovery, then do not use
RAID5. Use RAID1 instead.

I use RAID5 only because I am too lazy to buy some new and larger disks
for my VDR at the moment :-)

I have had serious performance-problems with parallel recordings and
some Linux-background-jobs (like system-backup).
I solved it by raising the I/O-priority of vdr with ionice:

ionice -c2 -n0 vdr -w 120 -v $VIDEODIR -d -t /dev/tty5 -g /tmp ...


Try LEO: http://www.leo.org/

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