I have been testing the latest VDR 1.7.10 and 1.7.5 versions and both have 
following problem I haven't seen on VDR 1.6.x version. 


The problem is that after starting VDR (with or without OSD GUI frontend), it 
looses a lock on channel after 60 seconds or so. 


If I have local or remote xinelibout GUI watching the live-tv then at first 
picture goes to garbage (lots of blocky artifacts) and after few seconds it 
freezes completely. OSD and VDR itself is still functional, but livetv picture 
is static picture. Or sometimes VDR all in a sudden shows a picture from 
another channel even when I didn't change channel (static picture with lots of 
blocky artifacts). To me it looks like VDR changed tuner to another MUX (I have 
4 DVBT muxes here or whatever the proper term is for those "channel groups") 
when static picture changes. 


This happens every time when I start VDR. Restart of VDR fixes the problem 
immediatly, but after 60 seconds booom again. When this happens, Xineliboutput 
console shows following text:

  "no data in 8 seconds. queing no signal image" 



If I use ZAP dvb-apps tool to save a channel output to a tempfile.ts file 
output, it works beatifully all day long. It doesn't loose lock on a channel 
and picture quality is perfect (no artifacts).


I have tried two different computers and two USB DVBT tuners and the problem is 
the same in all of these, so I assume it is not hardware related. It shouldn't 
be signal related either because ZAP saves perfect TS stream output all night 


Is there some worker process which kicks in VDR every 60 seconds? Maybe EPG 
related process? For some reason I suspect that VDR starts to scan through EPG 
data even when I'm watching live-tv. This would explain why it seems that 
sometimes it tuned to another mux. When I start VDR, there is no cached EPG 
data file because it goes to TMP folder and tmp is cleared everytime machine 
boots up. 


Environment is as follows

- Linux kernel

- DVBT Reddo usb stick and Twinhan DVBT stick tested

- VDR 1.7.10 and 1.7.5 versions tested

- Xineliboutput latest CVS version as frontend (doesnt matter even when I start 
VDR in background without GUI frontend. Problem is the same)


I'm able to code/debug/read source code quite fluently, so I'm happy to help 
debug this if someone could point me to right direction where to look for this 
"60 secs timeout/worker process" issue in VDR.


Anyone any ideas?


Thanks in advance,

 Mike N

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