Dear list-members,

I'm uncertain about the HDTV-capability of vdr-1.7.9  (or 10).

In September, I had a sytem running, that could  display  the
"Leichtathletik Weltmeisterschaft" from Berlin,
broadcasted by ARD/ZDF in p720.
I was able to receive this via KabelDeutschland (KD) with the
channels.conf entry


That system consisted of vdr-1.7.0 and the xineliboutput plugin, patched


Today (with vdr-1.7.10 and xineliboutput from cvs) I have TV from KD,
but no HD p720/i1080

My question is:

Do I have a software problem (e.g., a missing patch) or
is there simply no signal on 618MHz (I think, there is supposed to be
one between Christmas and New Years Eve).

Ciao RĂ¼diger

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