I am able to tune channels using 'scan' and 'w_scan' tools. The built-in
ATSC EPG channel scanner (which I believe has a static list of
frequencies in the '.h' file) fails to find any channels.

Alex Lasnier wrote:
> Calypso Cricket wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have been banging my head on trying to get my two ATSC cards to show
>> content in VDR. I have applied the patch
>> (http://www.fepg.org/patches/vdr-1.7.2-atsc-0.0.3.diff)  and also the
>> plugin found here: http://www.fepg.org/atscepgReadMe.html
>> However, the plugin does not lock onto any channels. I am able to use
>> 'scan' and 'w_scan'. However, these scan tools does not seem to produce
>> the correct channels.conf file format.
>> If anyone has made US OTA ATSC work, please provide some guidance. Thank
>> you.
> Does ATSC EPG's channel scanner fail to find any channels? Or, are you
> unable to tune any channels using the parameters generated by other
> scanning tools?

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