I don't have a problem with getting the channels as long as I use the built in scanner for the plugin, then move the data over to the channels.conf. What I have a problem with is I have a dual tuner and vdr keeps loosing control of one of the tuners. If it happens to be on the secondary when it looses, then it's the first tuner that goes.I don't need to restart drivers, only vdr/xine to restore it. I have also noticed that disabling the atsc epg plugin seems to stop the problem but the author only has one tuner, so no way to confirm/check the problem. If I ever get time to upgrade my other vdr box, it will have both the same dual tuner and a single atsc tuner and a sat tuner. I'll then be able to see if the tuner loss is just that card.

Be sure to use the latest atsc plugin

VDR User wrote:
On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 12:11 PM, Calypso Cricket
<calypsocric...@gmail.com> wrote:
I have been banging my head on trying to get my two ATSC cards to show
content in VDR. I have applied the patch
(http://www.fepg.org/patches/vdr-1.7.2-atsc-0.0.3.diff)  and also the
plugin found here: http://www.fepg.org/atscepgReadMe.html

However, the plugin does not lock onto any channels. I am able to use
'scan' and 'w_scan'. However, these scan tools does not seem to produce
the correct channels.conf file format.

If anyone has made US OTA ATSC work, please provide some guidance. Thank

I know a few people who have been struggling with VDR+ATSC for quite a
while.  I've wanted to give it a go myself but not if it's a constant
fight/hassle to have it running.  Hopefully ATSC support will become a
part of vanilla VDR at some point but I honestly don't think that's
very high on the priority list.  Doesn't hurt to ask however!

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