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Hi !

Looks like vdr's shutdownskript hook is not properly working. Since it seems to be undocumented in vdr man page i took my information from here:


#!/bin/sh # Simple ACPI shutdown hook
# $1 : Next timer seconds from 1970 from 1970/01/01, UTC
# $2 : Next timer seconds from now
# $3 : Next timer title
# $4 : Shutdown forced

If the time is far enough in the future this is correct, if it is only few minutes in the future it gets horribly wrong (now +30 minutes or something similar)
(The argument $1 is supplied wrong to the script)

This is vdr 1.7.10 . I remember that some people have written this is a known problem. But why is it happening ? Has somebody debugged this allready ?

From the MANUAL:

 Min. event timeout = 30
 Min. user inactivity = 300
If the command line option '-s' has been set, VDR will automatically shutdown the computer if the next timer event is at least MinEventTimeout minutes in the future,
                        and the user has been inactive for at least
MinUserInactivity minutes. Setting MinUserInactivity to 0 disables the automatic shutdown, while still retaining the possibility to manually shutdown the

There is your 30 mins.  No bug, a 'feature'.

My VDR is set to these defaults. If I try to shutdown before 30 mins, I am prompted by VDR to press Power again to FORCE shutdown. If this is the case I cannot recall exactly but I think the wakeup is set to 30 mins from the forced shutdown, rather than the next timer.

If I recall a mailing list discussion there was an argument along the lines that if a timer was set to record in less than a certain value, 30 mins by default, it is 'cheaper' in terms of power and hardware shutdown/restart cycle degradation to keep the computer running.

I have not played with this setting so I cannot comment on VDR behaviour with a lower setting for this value. Please report back if you experiment.

There is also a detailed section in the INSTALL document:

Thanks i have to admit i only checked the manpages.

If a timer is currently recording, or a recording would start within the
next 30 minutes (default for the "Min. event timeout" setup parameter), and the user insists in shutting down now, the first and second parameter will
correspond to a time that is "Min. event timeout" minutes in the future.

Before the shutdown program is called, the user will be prompted to inform
him that the system is about to shut down. If any remote control key is
pressed while this prompt is visible, the shutdown will be cancelled (and
tried again later). The shutdown prompt will be displayed for 5 minutes, which
should be enough time for the user to react.

So its really a "feature" - Whats the use case for this - except for the surprise ? Should a shutdown script try to "fix" that ?
These documents are provided in the VDR source tarball. I use Slackware and 'roll my own' VDR, for a packaged distribution you may not have these documents or if you do they may not be where you can find them 'easily'.
# locate vdr/INSTALL

Looks like i searched not long enough.

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