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There is also a detailed section in the INSTALL document:

Thanks i have to admit i only checked the manpages.
If a timer is currently recording, or a recording would start within the
next 30 minutes (default for the "Min. event timeout" setup
parameter), and
the user insists in shutting down now, the first and second parameter
correspond to a time that is "Min. event timeout" minutes in the future.

Before the shutdown program is called, the user will be prompted to
him that the system is about to shut down. If any remote control key is
pressed while this prompt is visible, the shutdown will be cancelled
tried again later). The shutdown prompt will be displayed for 5
minutes, which
should be enough time for the user to react.

So its really a "feature" - Whats the use case for this - except for
the surprise ? Should a shutdown script try to  "fix" that  ?
To answer to myself - there should be at least any sign that the
shutdown skript can differentiate between
real timer 30+ min in the future or if this feature kicked in. This is
not possible at the moment. I would prefer
vdr is not calculating this and just providing the real time of the timer.

Someone who would have a problem with this ? Klaus, can this be changed ?

At some point the shutdown mechanism apparently became "rocket science"
and I decided to no longer touch it (especially since I don't even use
it myself).

You may want to discuss this with Udo Richter <udo_rich...@gmx.de>,
because he wrote most of the shutdown handling code.
Ok - thanks Klaus.

It should be least surprise principle - any complexity should be in the programm handling the shutdown. Allthough i appreciate the gap time feature, it should not mess around with the time for next wakeup.

Anyway - checking this with Udo.

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