Hi all!

I have had problems in getting screen captures from VDR (VDR 1.6.0_p2-r3
on Gentoo) with with for example:

svdrpsend.pl grab file.jpg

and Wapd, Vdr-live etc etc. I have "-g /tmp" set when starting VDR.. I
actually don't remember when i lost this function, but this definitely
worked at some point. I have two dvb-cards: One budget, and one
full-featured card (FF Technotrend dvb-s, and Technotrend budget dvb-t)

I have read about many similar cases, and some of them got sorted out by
getting more fresh dvb-drivers. These cases where from 2006, so i would
assume that this issue should have been solved til now..

I also changed the order of the dvb-cards, because this seemed to be an
issue at least in one case..

Now I'm using the 2.6.31 kernel with the original dvb-modules (budget_ci
and dvb_ttpci).

My question is now: What else should i try to do so that i could get the
grab-function to work again?

Any ideas and helps are appreciated!



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