> > + The fan is a bit loud and so far I have not found
> >  a silent replacement fan.

> I also finally setted up my ion system

dto :-)  
zotac-A; Dual Core Atom, 32GB-SSD

And over Christmas I managed to make it completely noiseless by
installing a Accelero S1 cooler !!!
The mounting is somewhat unorthodox, but took me less than an hour to install.  
If someone is interested I try to put some photos somewhere.

Now temperature stays below 60°C even with high load (h264 decoding or heli-X 
3D simulation).

> I have a similar kind of passive cooled zotac that you put in your links
> but found out that without any cooling it's temperature get still pretty
> hight 60-65 celcius.

Is this a single core? Do you have any other fan (power supply, case)?
My experience was, that without any cooling the temperature kept rising. I 
stopped the experiment above 80°C when temperature was still rising even in 
idle desktop (ubuntu koala). Same with one core disabled on startup with 
I used to use the board with the original cooler slowed down with a simple 
poti until recently. Much more silent with almost no change in temperatures 
compared to full speed cooling (below 40°C),

All temperatures are from GPU since I don`t have patched the kernel and don't 
know how to access cpu temperature without that effort. But since they are 
connected thermally there should not be a big difference.



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