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> Hello,
> I am using vdr 1.6 on a production machine with a FF card with a lot of
> satisfaction.
> I am already trying for several months (years ?) to get an another system
> working with 2 budget HD cards, and 2 clients.
> The first client is on the same machine (P4, 3.2 Ghz), the 2nd is a HP
> thinclient.
> On both i run vdpau.
> I am living in belgium, using TVvlaanderen (SD channels) and Telesat (SD and
> HD channels, some SD channels in mpeg-4)
> In the past I tried my own compilation, but without getting good results.
> The last i tried was a fresh install of Karmic with the PPA of vdr team and
> the XBMC experimental PPA.
> The results are still not satisfactory (not usable without frequent
> restart).
> I was wondering of it was related to my system, or to the developpment level
> of the softwares.
> The main issues I have :
> 1) vdr-plugin-xine : when viewing with xine, on some channels sound
> disappears after some time.

Dreck!! Das habe ich bei mir auch. Ich hatte das bisher auf den Streamdev-Client
geschoben. Habe bereits mit den Puffern gespielt: Ohne Erfolg. Habt ihr das
Problem auch?

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