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> Le mardi 05 janvier 2010 à 00:14 +0300, Goga777 a écrit :
> > > I wish we could get away from xine. 
> > 
> > how ? does it possible at all ?
> softdevice uses ffmpeg with DirectFB, and works wonderfully ("worked",
> in my case). Lack of X11 brings a lot of little improvements. In a pure
> STB setup, X11 is really useless, so why not just get rid of it. Xine
> have also lots of useless features for a STB.
> The only problem is that display drivers are well maintained in Xorg,
> but framebuffer drivers used by DirectFB may not be maintained as much. 

I had problems with softdevice, including A/V sync, but I think that was
one of the areas the developers were putting a lof of effort into
improving. Another thing I like about the xine plugins is that you can
leave VDR running in the background for recording and stop and start the
player frontend at will. For me xineliboutput and vdr-fbfe worked very
well on a Matrox G450 connected to a SD TV, except that it would drop
quite a lot of frames to achieve A/V sync.

I agree with Timothy D. Lenz. VDR desperately needs a decent player that
works on mainstream graphics cards and allows full use of the OSD along
with miscellaneous other features tailored for TV viewing. vdr-sxfe is
quite good, but not good enough.

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