On 06.01.2010 10:16, Marco Göbenich wrote:
> Hi!
> Is this a bug in VDR or is DW-TV doing something evil?

They are apparently broadcasting the video and first audio pid FTA,
and have the second audio pid encrypted. So far VDR considered any
channel "encrypted" if there were any CA descriptors for that

As a consequence of a recent report by Francesco Saverio Schiavarelli
<fschi...@libero.it> regarding problems with the channel


where the video and audio pids were all FTA, but some other pid (not
relevant for VDR) was encrypted, I have changed things for version 1.7.11
(to be reeased later) so that the CA descriptors are only handled
if they actually belong to a video or audio pid.

However, this doesn't help in cases where some audio pids are FTA and
others are encrypted.
I wonder why they are encrypting their second audio pid. Doesn't make
much sense to me.

Well, apparently their EPG is broken, too.
It claims to support VPS, but it's apparently off by one hour,
and VPS recordings don't work.

So all in all I'd say it looks more like they don't know what they are doing.
Maybe somebody who is actually interested in this channel should
contact them about all this...


> Am 06.01.2010 02:17, schrieb Oliver Endriss:
>> Marco Göbenich wrote:
>>> Will I get this problem too with any newer version of vdr?
>> Yes, same problem with VDR 1.7.10.
>> CU
>> Oliver

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