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- Added support for DVB cards with multiple fontends. Note that this only works for DVB cards where each frontend can be used independently of all
 the others on the same adapter.
Any chance of using using DVB-T frontend on HVR-4000? This card have 2
separate frontends. And as quoted on

"Multiple frontends are supported: DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T appear as
/dev/dvb/adapterN/frontend0 and /dev/dvb/adapterN/frontend1

Due to a hardware limitation, the two frontends cannot be used
simultaneously. However they can be used sequentially within the same
application. The driver handles the mutual exclusion appropriately."


I have this card and I am aware that the frontends cannot be used simultaneously. I was unaware of the statement regarding "sequential use within the same application". With even just a little thought I can see that this is not at all the same as 'simultaneous.'

It does raise at least the possibility of a VDR setup config to use DVB-T rather than DVB-S, instead of the game of symlinks that I play at the moment (manual, one time choice of DVB-T or DVB-S, not satisfactory and low WAF).

I can imagine that something like this is not a simple addition to implement but if there is currently momentum in this direction then more 'effort' at this stage will be more effective than at a later date.

I have not given this much thought at all and I am yet to explore the potential of the SourceCaps patch. These comments are really an expression of interest in developments of the features of the HVR4000 (that I imagine most VDR/HVR4000 users share).

Enough of my babbling.

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