Am Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010 04:10:21 schrieb Rob Davis:
> Would it be possible to get the pvrinput plugin to be able to create
> different channels line which all call the same s-video channel 
this works:


> but also
> call the channel change script?

I will think about a possibility to call an external script (e.g. 
/usr/local/bin/  in SetChannelDevice() with two 
parameters: card-number (e.g. 1 if the available pvrinput device that will be 
used is /dev/video1)  and the SID (Service-Id, e.g. 9012 for channel 12 in 
your receiver)
> All it would need to do would be execute the program dct6200 (which
> could be in the /etc/vdr/plugins/pvrinput directory) with the argument
> of 41 or 08 and the cable box would change.  This would also work for
> someone using an irblaster with a SkyBox and a PVR card.

you would need to write a bash-Script ( that executes 
your dct6200 binary with the needed commands.  Should be simple.
Please contact me privately with an example how your dct6200 binary has to be 
called. Is "dct6200 12" sufficient to switch to channel 12?

This solution could indeed be useful for other users, as it is not limited to 
your box. The script could execute lirc irsend or whatever.

I can't promise too much but I have an idea and will see if I get it working.


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