SB said:
OK, so I installed the headers and everything compiles and looks OK.  But

main: probing <vdpau> video output plugin
vo_vdpau: Can't create vdp device : No vdpau implementation.
load_plugins: plugin vdpau_mpeg12 failed to instantiate itself.
main: video driver <vdpau> failed

I've moved to my production box and vdpau works there - looks like my development box video card won't support.

So xine-1.6.0, vdr-xine-0.9.3 and vdpau works - which is a move forward.

But VDR doesn't work as well as under xv. It's slower changing channels and watching (SD) recordings freezes things for a few seconds. Also, the quality is actually worse - during "action scenes" objects seem to be a bit jerky and have "lines" momentarily. Only advantage, under vdpau the cpu sits at about 40%, where under xv it sits 50-70%.

Any thoughts?

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