On 21/01/10 04:20, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jan 2010, Nicolas Huillard wrote:
>> For those who don't spare some time digging on the website:
>> * this is an Ethernet device: antenna in (single, dual), ethernet out
>> * no storage inside the box
>> * they provide an LGPL library "libhdhomerun": include hdhomerun.h
>> and/or hdhomerun_device.h to use the top level API
> I'd make another 'pseudo' DVB input device plugin for this based on the
> current IPTV plugin. A quick look at the API reveals that you could
> dynamically add necessary number of provided tuners as done in IPTV
> plugin. You could also implement a channel scan functionality as done in
> IPTV plugin. I quess its' UDP/RTP transport is already compatible with
> the one implemented in IPTV plugin. The only requirement from core VDR
> would be the pluginparam patch (or similar) functionality.

My thoughts exactly.  I am pretty sure this would work as is with
vdr-iptv.  I had a quick look at some of the US versions and it looks
interesting.  I got vdr-iptv working with an external cable box and a
pvr card, so using a script we could send off whatever card was
necessary to change channels and bring in the input.  The downside would
probably be a long channel change time.

More native support could be good..  However, I wonder what the
advantage would be to having this over an internal pci dvb card or even
a usb one?  The pci card is surely cheaper, and the functionality is
already there in VDR?

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