(VDR version 1.7.10, Ubuntu 9.10)

I have "little" problem with subtitles.. Location of them.
My TV is FullHD and to get nice menus I have set:

Setup - DVB
Subtitle offset: 100

Setup - Plugins - xineliboutput - OSD
Resolution: 1920x1080
Blending method: Hardware
Scaling method: no
Show all layers: no
Dynamic transparency correction: Off
Static transparency correction: Off
External subtitle size: tiny
DVB subtitle decoder: VDR

Problem is that 100 is bigest offset value what can be set and with that value, 
subtitle are about middle of screen (at left side of course) and not at foot 
area where they should be.
If I change Blending method to software, I can set subtitles to right place 
with offset 70, BUT then text at OSD is awful looking.


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