On 21/01/10 15:39, abbe normal wrote:
> hello guys
> yes you are right a pci or usb device may be cheaper but in my case at
> 99 dollars each for usb and 108 dollars for pci didnt make since but
> in the thought of less pci buses on systems now was a big factor...
> then you have to double that cost as a single tuner will only allow
> one channel on that box so recording another is not possible... now
> being able to use this at any system in the network was the main
> idea...
> all this aside i do have the iptv plugin running but dont have it
> figured out yet... but if this could be add to it and support was
> added in the plugin think it would be a nice add on... having a
> channel scanner then a script that would convert that info would be
> nice to make things simpler...
> as far as Klaus adding this to vdr id say no when theres a plugin that
> it could be add to... make more since to do it as a plugin with native
> support for it... but as i dont even know how to write a plugin im
> lost at this point... this is why im asking here in hopes the guys
> that have or work on the plugins could help in pointing me in the
> right direction... i can then at least try to make it work... most of
> the guys who know me know i dont know a lot but i dont give up easy if
> it can be done... so im will to help if im told what and how too... i
> can at least try...

Can you get the channel scan done from something else and post a mplayer
or vlc command for each channel.  Once you've done that I'll knock you
up a quick iptv script..

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