abbe normal ha scritto:

rob yes they do have there own channel scanner built into there
software and it produces a simple layout of info... i will attach a
txt file of that output... so you can have a look at it...

thanks guys for all the input think this will work and be smooth
working with all your help and input...

What do you use to stream it to mplayer or vlc? Looks like the channel scanner has done the right thing. You can check what channels you should get using the hdhomerun website..

For instance for my zip, I get this

Also looks like you're using ATSC over the air intead of Cable..

Is there enough bandwidth to stream an HD mpeg2 stream on your network? I had trouble on mine when I used vdr-sxfe on a seperate box to the server. I worked, but I couldn't access the internet as all my internal bandwidth was gone..

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