Dear VDR users,

VDR 1.7.10 is now also available as a package in OpenEmbedded (OE), a
build framework for embedded Linux [1][2]. I thank Henning Heinold who
did most of the work to get VDR included and the OE developers to answer
my questions on the openembedded-devel mailing list [3].

Around a week ago, Koen Kooi added VDR also to Ångström [4][5][6], a
distribution using OE heavily.

With `opkg install vdr` it is now as easy as on other distributions to
install VDR and get it running on embedded devices which because of
their energy efficiency and form factors, e. g. BeagleBoard [7], are
predestined for use as a VDR server.

The next steps are going to be to improve the packaging in OE and to
send some patches to upstream VDR to adapt it for cross compilation [8].

As always especially the developers do not have much time, so help with
testing and writing patches is very welcomed. You should ask on the list
or on IRC before starting any work though. Since some patches are still
pending hopefully it can be avoided that work is done twice. It would be
great to get the plugins also included into OE soon.

I am thinking about to create a project on
[9] so I could publish a branch for OE to push from. (I hope this will
be more successful than my attempt with the FRC project. It will be
revived. ;-))

A short page is available in the German VDR Wiki already [10]. It would
be great if someone could add that to the English VDR Wiki [11] too. In
my opinion this should be kept short with links to already available
information on the Web.

Thanks again to everyone and happy testing,


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