Hello, in this example of starting VDR in a script some options are passed to the softdevice plugin:

$vdrbin -L $vdrlib -Pfemon -P"softdevice -vo xv:full -ao alsa:mixer:pcm=default"

Now I want a variable or array at the top of the script so I could easily add, remove and comment plugins... rewriting the above example:

         -P"softdevice -vo xv:full -ao alsa:mixer:pcm=default"
$vdrbin -L $vdrlib ${vdrpl...@]}

I have tried numerous ways of quoting and escaping the softdevice line but I always get one of:

1. VDR tries to start a plugin called: "softdevice
2. VDR interprets -v in -vo as VDR video directory option and fails
   because there is no directory "o"

Can anyone help me with writing this? I use vdr 1.6.0, thanks,

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