On 24.01.2010 16:46, Aimo Parru wrote:
> On Sunday 24 January 2010 15:34:59 Antti Ajanki wrote:
>> Does it work if you first run
>> /sbin/ldconfig /usr/local/lib
>> as root and then restart VDR?
> Yes. It started now. Ldconfig gave a warning or something:
> /sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/local/lib/libwebvi.so.0 is not a symbolic link  

This I think can be fixed when applying the attached patch, (which also
makes libwebvi installable by a Gentoo ebuild I wrote for it in the
default gentoo prefix /usr). I noticed that in the build directory,
libwebvi.so.0 is generated as symlink, but when running the install
target, it ends up installing 3 copies of the same file instead of only
one and 2 symlinks. The patch also applies to version 0.2.1.

Btw, I wrote 3 ebuilds for this plugin (media-video/rtmptdump-yle,
media-video/webvi and media-plugins/vdr-webvi) and already sent them to
Joerg from the Gentoo vdr team...


diff -Naur webvideo-0.2.0_orig/src/libwebvi/Makefile 
--- webvideo-0.2.0_orig/src/libwebvi/Makefile   2010-01-17 17:57:27.000000000 
+++ webvideo-0.2.0/src/libwebvi/Makefile        2010-01-21 11:28:28.000000000 
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
+PREFIX ?= /usr/local
@@ -21,6 +21,6 @@
        rm -f *.o *~ libwebvi.so* libwebvi.a
 install: $(LIBMINOR)
-       cp --remove-destination libwebvi.so* $(PREFIX)/lib
+       cp --remove-destination --archive libwebvi.so* $(PREFIX)/lib
 .PHONY: clean install

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