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> My question is, given the way I've installed VDR, what's the
> best/easiest way for me to apply this patch? Do I have to compile VDR
> from source myself, or can I somehow modify the debian VDR package
> sources on my machine and build them with this patch applied?

Please search for `dpkg-buildpackage` on the WWW. It should work the
following way (from memory and not tested).

        $ apt-get source vdr # name of your VDR package
        $ cd vdr-1.6… # directory with the sources should be vdr-versionnumber
        $ # apply the patch
        $ dch -v1.6.0-1-patched1 Unoffial release with dxr3 subtitles patch # 
adapt version accordingly, dch from devscripts package, `man dch` for questions
        $ dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc
        $ sudo dpkg -i ../vdr*.deb # Choose the correct packages.



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