hello all

is there anyone on the list that is using streaming to xine as for
some reason i cannt get xine to open a stream from a network device im
working on.. heres the command line im testing...
xine udp:// --verbose=2

any thoughts on this or how to get xine to lock onto this stream...


On 1/27/10, abbe normal <1abenor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hello guys
> for some reason i can not get this device to stream to ffmpeg even
> just one channel... ive tried xine also and it wont stream to it ...
> only thing ive gotten it to stream to is vlc so im still playing just
> letting you all know where im at and what ive tried so far...
> abbe
> On 1/23/10, abbe normal <1abenor...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> hello rob
>> thanks for the info i will be trying this today so ill email back
>> later on how it works out... as far as the bandwidth i have 100 now
>> can move to 1000 just have to put the switch in but never noticed if
>> there was a slow down as ive not had this up and running full time
>> yet...
>> abbe
>> On 1/22/10, Rob Davis <r...@davis-family.info> wrote:
>>> abbe normal ha scritto:
>>>> rob yes they do have there own channel scanner built into there
>>>> software and it produces a simple layout of info... i will attach a
>>>> txt file of that output... so you can have a look at it...
>>>> thanks guys for all the input think this will work and be smooth
>>>> working with all your help and input...
>>> What do you use to stream it to mplayer or vlc?  Looks like the channel
>>> scanner has done the right thing.
>>> You can check what channels you should get using the hdhomerun website..
>>> For instance for my zip, I get this
>>> http://www.silicondust.com/hdhomerun/lineup_web/US:61110#lineup_1173095
>>> Also looks like you're using ATSC over the air intead of Cable..
>>> Is there enough bandwidth to stream an HD mpeg2 stream on your network?
>>> I had trouble on mine when I used vdr-sxfe on a seperate box to the
>>> server.  I worked, but I couldn't access the internet as all my internal
>>> bandwidth was gone..
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