Am 30.01.2010 12:12, schrieb Paul Menzel:
> Sorry, I do not know if I understood you correctly. Do you mean that
> some other plugins (which are not shipped with VDR, i. e. the patch does
> not need to be changed in that regard) need to use `-include
> $(VDRDIR)/` instead of `include $(VDRDIR)/`?
> Do the authors of those plugins generally know about that kind of stuff
> or does this have to be documented somewhere?

Plugins shipped with VDR usually only need to work with this version of
VDR, they (and the newplugin script) don't provide backwards
compatibility. Plugin authors that want to support a wider range of VDR
versions with one release will usually need to adapt their behavior to
the VDR version they compile with.

In this case, they will have to add -fPIC and the FILE_OFFSET stuff for
older versions of VDR, and only include for the upcoming VDR

However, this is not a concern for VDR or for this patch. Its ok for VDR
to look ahead, and not to carry endless compatibility hacks with it.



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