Am 30.01.2010 19:23, schrieb VDR User:
> On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 3:07 AM, Udo Richter <> wrote:
>> The correct way to place every array element as one parameter, without
>> doing any additional whitespace separation, is this:
>> "$vdrbin" -L "$vdrlib" "${vdrpl...@]}"
>> In contrast, "${vdrplug[*]}" merges all to one parameter, ${vdrpl...@]}
>> does another whitespace separation run.
> What makes that "correct"?  Just sounds like a different (and more
> complicated, ..I guess) way to accomplish the same end result, but no
> more "correct" then using double/single quotes.

Correct in the sense of using arrays to build up a command line, not in
a sense of The One And Only Solution (tm).

> I'm no bash expert but STRING="$STRING -P'asdf arg'" works equally as
> well as ARRAY=( "${arr...@]}" <new item> ) in my experience.  What am
> I missing?

Well, not much, except that I would do it this way:

PLUGINS[${#PLUGINS[*]}]="-Psoftdevice -vo xv:full -ao

For a more complex (and a bit constructed) case:

PLUGINS="$PLUGINS -P\"hello --aaa=\\\"A B C\\\"\""
PLUGINS="$PLUGINS -P'hello --aaa=\"A B C\"'"
PLUGINS[${#PLUGINS[*]}]="-Phello --aaa=\"A B C\""
PLUGINS[${#PLUGINS[*]}]="-Phello --aaa='A B C'"

Arrays have the advantage that they spare one level of quoting, don't
need eval, and are a bit more 'ordered', but on the other hand are
bash-only, and cannot be exported to sub-shells.

(runvdr extreme has a quoting function, so you do it with even less
quoting like this: AddPlugin hello --aaa="A B C")



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