VDR developer version 1.7.12 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous version is available at



This is a *developer* version. Even though *I* use it in my productive
environment. I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
conditions and for testing and debugging.

The changes since version 1.7.11:

- Changed the EVCONTENTMASK_* macros to enums and changed "mask" to "group".
- Updated the Estonian OSD texts (thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
- The "Edit timer" menu can now set the folder for the recording from a list of
  folders stored in "folders.conf".
- Updated the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
- If svdrphosts.conf contains only the address of the local host, the SVDRP port
  is opened only for the local host (thanks to Manuel Reimer).
- Renamed 'runvdr' to 'runvdr.template' and no longer copying it to the BINDIR
  in 'make install' (thanks to Martin Dauskardt).
- Added plain text error messages to log entries from cOsd::SetAreas() 
  by Rolf Ahrenberg).
- cPalette::ClosestColor() now treats fully transparent colors as "equal"; 
  cDvbSpuBitmap::getMinBpp() (thanks to Matthieu Castet and Johann Friedrichs).
- The new setup option "Miscellaneous/Channels wrap" controls whether the 
  channel wraps around the beginning or end of the channel list when zapping 
  to Matti Lehtima"ki).
- Fixed determining the frame duration on channels where the PTS deltas jitter 
  +/-1 around 1800.
- The PCR pid in generated PMTs is now set to the channel's PCR pid again.
- Fixed determining the frame duration on channels where the PTS deltas jitter 
  +/-1 around 3600.
- The PCR pid is now recorded for channels where this is different from the 
  PID. To facilitate this, the interfaces of cTransfer, cTransferControl, 
  and cReceiver have been modified, so that the PIDs are no longer given in 
  parameters, but rather the whole channel is handed down for processing. The 
  constructor of cReceiver is still available, but it is recommended to plugin 
  that they switch to the new interface as soon as possible.
  When replaying such a recording, the PCR packets are sent to PlayTsVideo()
- The files "commands.conf" and "reccmd.conf" can now contain nested lists of
  commands. See vdr.5 for information about the new file format.

Have fun!


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