On Sat, 6 Feb 2010, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

On 06.02.2010 12:27, Halim Sahin wrote:
Just my opinion about the problem:
The fat filesystem has many limitations and I vote for dropping special
support for it in VDR because if someone wants to use a windows system,
he/she can use ntfs which works fine in current distributions (ntfs-3g).
Just my 2 Cents.

I would do that in a heartbeat - but I guess that would cause
a huge flame war... ;-)

Without VFAT-option I encountered huge problems with my Samba shares and FAT32 formatted USB sticks, so I'm against dropping this feature. :)

Anyway back to real problem, my original idea was to add an extra "/" cMenuFolderItem object into NestedItemList in cMenuFolder constructors, or you could always easily assign a new key short cut to reset the folder (i.e. k0).


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