On 18.02.2010 11:51, Halim Sahin wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> Sorry for raising a new xineliboutput issue.
> The Problem:
> Start vdr-1.7.12, xineliboutput from cvs and vdr-sxfe as frontend.
> 1. start to watch a recording (done with vdr-1.7.12 ts-format)
> 2. press 0 to set a cuttingmark 
> 3. let the recording run for a while and press 7 to jump to the
> previously added mark.
> 4. Vdr jumps to the mark and pauses the playback
> 5. hitk play to resume playback
> Result:
> The playback can't be resume.
> Restarting the frontend after pressing play start playback.
> Any Ideas what's wrong there?

I filed a bug a few days ago:

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