Ok, I was mainly interrested in adding the ntsc (analog) tuning. I think most if not all the ntsc channels left in our area are spanish, so not really interrested in watching them, more, in, I have the hardware, would be nice if it was usable. I have both these cards:


And I just noticed the second card is also listed as having analog tuning:

But according to this link, only the 1800 has linux support for analog:

With both cards in, I have 3 dvb adapters and all 3 have:
demux0, dvr0, frontend0, net0

On 2/18/2010 1:12 PM, L. Hanisch wrote:
Am 18.02.2010 18:54, schrieb Timothy D. Lenz:
As anyone tried using the analogtv plugin with an HVR-1800 on
vdr-1.7.12? And does it interfere with the atsc plugin since both would
be using the same tuner? I've been told that analog mode does work with
this card with tvtime, so I was thinking of giving it a try. The card is
supposed to be able to tune both atsc and ntsc, plus it has video/audio

This is a hybrid tuner, right? Since the vdr and the analogtv doesn't
coordinate their access on the device, I doubt it will work.
Also it has build in a MPEG2 encoder, the right plugin would be
pvrinput, but currently, the HVR-1800 is not supported. Recently I added
support for the HD PVR, but I don't know how complicated it would be, to
support the HVR-1800 as well. Especially because of the hybrid tuner.
The two vdr devices "dvbdevice" and "pvrdevice" has to share the same
hardware. There's no infrastructure for this at the moment...


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