Hi there,

remotetimers-0.1.3 is available from http://vdr.schmirler.de. This version is
required when running VDR 1.7.12. The only real new feature is support for
folders.conf, which has been introduced by VDR 1.7.12. In this new config file
you can define a list of directories and subdirectories. When editing a timer
or a recording you can then select one of these entries instead of having to
type it in. Remotetimers contains a backport of this new VDR feature, so you
will get a folders.conf even with older VDR versions, but of course only in
remotetimers own menus.

- API changes for VDR 1.7.12+
- Backported VDR 1.7.12 folders.conf. "Edit timer" and "Edit recording" menus
feature folder selection regardless of VDR version.
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to Diego Pierotto)
- Dropped the now obsolete cMenuEditPathItem
- Updated the menu parts copied from VDR to 1.7.12
- Silenced warning about suggested parentheses

Have fun!

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