hi guys,
i' ve an lnb, scr unicable, that can support a different use.

the standard lnb, choose only the band high or low, and the polarization, H or V, then in the cable we have a quarter of the full sat band

high V , high H, low V or low H, then if we have multiple tuner, we can receive only the trasponder on the choosen band and polarization

here in italy, who have sky it multivision, or sky recorder, have a special lnb, named SCR or UNICABLE, where the receiver, tell to the lnb, the exact frequency for the trasponder that will receive, the extact polarization, the downlink frequency (choosen onto the 4 frequency avaiable) and the lnb, put in downlink, only this trasponder , in this manner, the frequency spectrum on the cable is empty, and another receiver, or a receiver with two tuner, can ask for another trasponder, with another polarization, onto another downlink frequency, with at max 4 (or 8) separate downlink frequency. the enteire dialoge trought the receiver and the lnb, is made via DISEQC 1.2 command, on the base of the specification made by st microelectronics i've made, a little C program that bring in input the frequency, polarization, the downlink frequency, and print to the screen the diseqc command

if i use this command, and put it on the diseqc.conf , manage the channels.conf to receive one trasponder on the downlink frequency, it's work!!

is possible to make a patch or plugin to use this system too?

who is interested in it? i'm sorry, but my c++ skill isnt enought to make this!, and i must ask HEEELP!!!


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