On 26.02.2010 13:21, martinez wrote:
> Can somebody confirm that using enna as a media player, integration with vdr 
> via the vdr-xine plugin is good including the OSD?
> How does one navigate from enna to vdr and viceversa?

I cannot yet fully confirm everything, but from what I know, if it uses
vdr-xine, the original VDR OSD should also show up. As for navigating
from Enna to VDR, well, Enna runs all the time, VDR too, and Enna has a
main menu entry called "TV", that's where it connects to VDR and slides
the menu to the left. Unfortunately on my installation, at this point
I'm only getting a black screen so far, did not have too much time to
debug what's going on. Navigating back would disconnect from VDR  and
animate the main menu back, but I didn't get that far yet.

Btw, I'm using vdr-1.7.12, xine-lib-1.2 and vdr-xine-0.9.3 on Gentoo,
and the only way I can connect the traditional xine-ui to the running
VDR instance is usig as the MRL "netvdr:/localhost#demux:mpeg_pes", as
for using the other way of connecting through a pipe
("vdr:/tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes"), on my system there is no
such pipe. I just wanted to try it that way in enna, but don't find a
way to activate it in vdr-xine, is that no longer supported?


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