This release brings an update and major refactorings of the VDR patch for
VDR 1.7.12. The Subtitle OSD rendering has been simplified and now allows
outlined texts (background for non-outlined-text will be added later).

Special credits go to Rolf Ahrenberg for helping with the VDR patch and
Oliver Hochgartz and mjl for testing! Thanks a lot!

The changes:

  * Added Ukrainian translation by Yarema aka Knedlyk (Closes #130)
  * Some code refactoring
  * Major VDR patch update for 1.7.12 (Closes #236, References #139)) -
    The patch now covers the following changes to VDR:
    - Record teletext subtitles
    - Added setup option to enable teletext subtitle recording
    - Allow configuration of fixed teletetxt subtitle pages
    - Capture teletext subtitle pages from PMT
    - Pass teletext date ttxtsubs plugin
    Special Thx to Rolf Ahrenberg!
  * Fixed replay when the current live ttxtsubs page differs from the
    one in the recording - Thx to Rolf Ahrenberg (Closes #139)
  * Show colored subtitles if color information is provided e.g. for
    different speakers and dropped custom color settings (Closes #61)
  * Position subtitles always centered at the bottom, independent of the
    OSD resolution and dropped custom text position settings (Closes #231)
  * Render subtitles outlined (Closes #51)
  * Decrypt encrypted teletext stream (Closes #241)
  * Don't redisplay unchanged subtitle pages

As always: Any help is welcome!

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