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Hi there.

Long time vdr user but first time I post here I think.

iStreamdev is a WebApp for your iPhone.
It acts as a vdr streamdev frontend and lets you streams your vdr channels &
recordings and all your video & audio files to your non jailbroken iPhone.


. 100% webapp compatible user interface using iWebkit framework ( )
. Channel selection throught categories
. Channels listed with logo and current epg.
. Streaming format selection: Edge, 3g, Wifi
. Recording streaming: Access your vdr recordings with epg.
. Timers support: Add/Edit/Delete/Activate/Deactivate timers.
. Video files support: Stream to all your video files ( avi, mkv, mov, etc )
to your Iphone. If you have a movie.tbn poster.jpg or folder.jpg file in the
same folder as the video file, it will display it as thumbnail. If there's
no picture, it will generate a thumbnail from the video.
. Music files support: Access to your mp3/aac/Wav files remotly and stream
them with playlist support.


To Do:

- Program Guide with timers.

What you need:

- an http server with PHP5 enabled like apache or lighthttpd
- having "at" package.
- www-data user should allowed to use "at".
  Check on your /etc/at/deny if www-data is there, and remove it if so.
- PHP is allowed to use exec() function.
- ffmpeg compiled with libx264 and libmp3lame support
- segmenter: modified version nows included in istreamdev path

Project page:



Thanks a lot, it's brilliant. I did this myself some time ago, but just live tv and nothing more. For some reason I didn't get recordings playback to work well so I never finished it.
/Magnus H

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