I guess this must be an error in my setup, maybe channels.conf, or something similar, but just cannot find it..

I recently went from 1.6.0 to 1.7.12 and now 1.7.13, and all my old and new recordings alike either cannot be rewinded or fast forwarded. One way works, and another does not, one way works in some recordings and the other in the rest of them.

What happens is that when you rewind (or ff), it looks good and goes backwards, but then when you go to play, it starts at the place you started the rewind. Also, while rewinding, if you have the status bar on, the time does not count at all, and the green bar only moves little if at all.

Tried to search this list.. But still baffled and thankful for any help.
I'm in Finland, Helsinki, Welho Cable network. Example of a channel that does not work:

MTV3 D;MTV Oy:282000:C0M128:C:6900:305=2:561=fin:817:0:49:42249:2:0

My conf: http://www.iki.fi/hyvatti/dvb/vdr-17-setup.txt


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