Am 04.03.2010 13:00, schrieb Theunis Potgieter:
A lot of changes is required if from end user perspective. Nothing
that can't be fixed in a few minutes.

No change is required from end-user perspective in the end when the plugins/extensions are adapted to the new port. (In the current vdr-dev 1.7.x most plugins also have to be adopted to work with the latest version so this is not really an issue, see cChannel changes in 1.7.13). Also, for experienced users (and 1.7.x is still a "dev" version) changing a port number in the config (or worst case in the plugin source code) shouldn't be too complicated either.

Would this then imply that
plug-ins like streamdev (network plug-ins) should also register?

streamdev, live and vdradmin are not using its own protocol but http (on a non-standard port). The reason for not using a standard port is that port 80 will be already in use, so using a non-standard port is feasible.

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