This is a maintenance release, updating some translations and fixing minor

The changes:

  * Added Estonian translation by Arthur Konovalov (Closes #271)
  * Finnish translation updated by Rolf Ahrenberg
  * Trigger OSD update when an empty page is sent (making the previous
    subtitle disappear) (Closes #275)
  * French translation updated by Michaƫl Nival (Closes #278)
  * Makefile adjustments for VDR 1.7.13.
  * Fixed text rendering to not cut off bottom part (Closes #276)
  * Italian translation update by Diego Pierotto (Closes #283)
  * Added patch for VDR 1.7.13 (Closes #284)

As always: Any help is welcome!

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I've revived the VDR patch repsitory, so yo can find the ttxtsubs patch
for VDR also in:


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