I'm trying to get TS-mode-streaming working with pvrinput and streamdev-server 
but have no luck.
 pvrinput is sending a valid TS now including PAT, PMT and PCR packets (PCR is 
derived from the SCR of the PS).
But streamdev-server does not receive any PAT and PMT so it will not send them to the client (vlc in my tests). So vlc doesn't display anything, because it doesn't know anything about the sent PIDs.
 The entry in channels.conf contains the right PIDs.

 I inserted debug-logs in livestreamer.c at
cStreamdevLiveReceiver::Receive: all video, audio and PCR packets are received

cStreamdevPatFilter::Process: no packet at all comes here...

 I'm using vdr 1.7.13 and streamdev from cvs.

vlc can play the recorded files if I open them directly and it doesn't complain about anything, so I think, the stream, pvrinput delivers, is "valid enough".

 What am I missing?

Looking at cReceiver::AddPid, a receiver is not able to set the PID 0 (which is the PAT-PID), but PAT packets should be processed through a filter, right? But I don't think I understand the class-tree of the various filters and receivers in streamdev...

 Can anyone with a deeper knowledge of this all please enlighten me?

 BTW: PES-streaming does work (as it always has).


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